SAUT MBEYA CENTRE offers a wide range of courses to meet the increasing demands of industry. These courses are categorised into several clusters, namely Business & Management, Information and Communication Technology. Togather with Apllied Law, Education, the later under faculty of Arts and Social Science..

Certificates Awards

  1. Certificate in Information and Communication Technology (CICT): a one (1) year programme.
  2. Certificate in Law (CL): a one (1) year programme.
  3. Certificate in Business Administration (CBA): a one (1) year programme.
  4. Certificate in Accounting and Finance(CAF): a one (1) year programme.
  5. Certificate in Human Resources Management(CHRM) a one (1) year programme.
  6. Certificate in Procurement and Supply Chain Management(CPSM): a one (1) year programme.
  7. Certificate in Entrepreneurship Development(CED): a one (1) year programme.
  8. Certificate in Marketing Management(CMM): a one (1) year programme.
  9. Diploma Awards

    1. Diploma in Information and Communication Technology (DICT): a two (2) years programme.
    2. Diploma in Law (DL): a two (2) years programme.
    3. Diploma in Business Administration (DBA): a two (2) years programme.
    4. Diploma in Accounting and Finance (DAF):a two (2) years programme.
    5. Diploma in Human Resources Management (DHRM):a two (2) years programme.
    6. Diploma in Procurement and Supply Chain Management(DPSM): a two (2) years programme.
    7. Diploma in Entrepreneurship Development(DED): a two (2) years programme.
    8. Diploma in Marketing Management(DMM): a two (2) years programme.

    Degree Awards

    1. Bachelor of Arts with Education (BAED): a three (3) year programme.
    2. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA): With specialization in Human resource Management, Marketing and Finance and Accounting: a three (3) year Programme.

    Postgraduate Diploma Awards

    1. Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE): a one (1) year programme.