our vision

St. Augustine University of Tanzania strives at:

  • Being a centre of excellence by providing a high quality of Education, research, and public service.
  • Promoting the pursuit and defense of truth with transparency and honesty, and service with competence and Education
  • Developing a sense of caring for personal and community property
A holistic development of the person by providing sound knowledge, higher analytical ability and commitment to generous service and respect to humankind. Conscious of man’s orientation towards God, neighbors and fostering an ethical and services-oriented approach in its academic and professional training, St. Augustine University of Tanzania fulfills its goal by preparing persons well equipped to contribute to the ideals of social, economic and political development.

St. Augustine University of Tanzania, a secular and private institution of Higher learning owned and managed by the Catholic Church, is dedicated to St. Augustine of Hippo (345-430 A.D) with the Motto
“Education with Virtues”
St. Augustine university of Tanzania (SAUT) Mbeya centre is found in Mbeya region since 2013.

Location and Enviroment

A centre is located at Mbeya city, at a junction of Zambia/ Karume Road. It is of course found adjacent to K’s hospital and Mwanjelwa Roman Cathoric Church. A warm, safe, and caring environment of Mbeya centre allows students to “influence the nature of the activities they undertake, engage seriously in their study, regulate their behavior, and know of the explicit criteria and high expectations of what they are to achieve. It mostly resembles to the Europe weather. The campus is accessible by all major means of transport. i.e Road, railway, Airport. The main road to Zambia passes near the campus gates (entrances), the distance from TAZARA station is about four (4) kilometers from the University Centre

We do have a Library that strives to fulfill the educational, informational, and recreational needs of our students and teaching staffs. The library supports the principles of intellectual freedom and endeavors to provide materials and information that reflects various points of view. Through judicious collection development, our print and non-print(electronic) materials will expand to meet the evolving expectations of a diverse user population.


Students active in creative arts, like music, drama and visual arts tend to be open-minded, eccentric and think outside of the box. SAUT offers the opportunity to this all from sports talents shows yearly.
Wananchi wakipata maelekezo juu ya huduma zitolewazo katika banda la SAUT-MBEYA CENTRE kwenye Maonyesho ya Nanenane yliyofanyika mkoani Mbeya mwaka jana 2016.
And all other in pictures.

Welcome and be part of the our ongoing improvements
"Education with Virtues"